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Computer Heroes

Juice, juice it is all about the juice (juice=fresh data on the internet).   If your gizmos are not surfing, most people start to shake! Consider our solutions. 

Computer Heroes have been helping citizens of the Emerald Coast of Florida with their technology problems since 1986.  Please allow us to help you today with your computer, internet, wireless network, and/or smartphone issues.   We offer a flat-rate,  dropped-off solution ($87.00) and on-site solutions ($133.00-247.00)

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About us

Joe and Kim Meyer help small businesses and residents with their technology issues every workday in Northwest Florida. Joe has been doing this technology thing for 33 years and has seen (and resolved) most problems.
     The Computer Heroes work on Apple and IBM Compatible Computers. They integrate Android and Apple smartphones, tablets and personal computers and offer training classes so that you become more successful with all of your Gizmos. When it is time for fresh technology, Joe sells new Dell Computers and Laptops, Tablets and printers. Joe also removes viruses and gets your computer back to nominal.


230 Eglin PKWY SE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, USA

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